Silver Partner Membership

 Grow Hemp With CannaDynamics!


The Silver Partner Membership Structure Agreement

What we offer:
  • 1 to 10,000 pounds of hemp seeds, choice variety of the nine we carry. (limited to acreage) 
  • USDA Approved Seeds with legal paperwork (little to no amount of THC, under the 0.03 limit, some strains have higher CBD production in this exclusive partnership option.
  • CannaDynamics provides expertise, knowledge and know how; acting as consultation and potential oversight of the operation thereby maximizing the efficiency for 1 to 3 months. We provide distribution and distribution channels to ultimate users, medical facilities, health care clinics, and the global industrial market.

Prerequisite for Partnership:
  • Small, Medium to Large amount of acreage to be dedicated to industrial hemp growth.
  • A timeline commitment to the integrity of this partnership.
  • Three to five year exclusive commitment. There are so many applicants within this project that we are prioritizing applicants to establish the most positive and mutually beneficial business relationship with the potential to grow into partnership.