Dr. Joseph A. Resnick

 Chief Technical Advisor, Chief Medicinal Technology Officer


Global Renowned Expert & Pioneer for Advanced Drug Delivery Systems & Public/Private Sector Medicinal Micro Encapsulation Methodology

Advisor and Mentor To Dr. Brian P. Gillis; Collaboratively Aiding The Implementation Of Advanced Technologies In Society Today.

Dr. Joseph A. Resnick functions as Representative on The Board of Directors.  Dr. Resnick also functions as Chief Of The Science And Technology Division as Senior Chief Scientist for Microencapsulation Technologies.  Dr. Resnick is a graduate of Westinghouse Electric Corporation’s Electro-Mechanical Engineering School Apprentice Program(s) and holds a B.A. Degree with double majors in the Social Sciences (Restorative Medicine and Clinical Psychology) from the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.  Dr. Resnick holds a Master’s Degree  in Earth and Space Health Systems Management and was a NASA Scholar-in-Residence at the Military College of Vermont at Vermont College, Montpelier, Vermont.  Dr. Resnick holds the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Environmental Studies with concentration in Bioremediation and Biodefense from The Union Institute and University at Cincinnati, Ohio.  Dr. Resnick is the Chief Scientist for RMANNCO’s Lenoir, NC Division and Director and Board Member for NxGenUSA Corporation of Pittsburgh, PA.  At RMANNCO Dr. Resnick has oversight of the Future Soldier Systems Division, the Vehicle Up-Armor and Visual Mitigation Division, the Earth & Space Biodefense Divisions and the Materials Sciences R&D Laboratories (Pittsburgh, PA, Denver, CO, Ft. Myers, FL, Lenoir, NC).   Dr. Resnick is an applied scientist and inventor holding  numerous US and Foreign Patents concerning various technologies, e.g., low observables <stealth coatings>, speech restoration prostheses and training devices, environmental cleanup products, smart-textiles (ECM and ECCM Countermeasure Garments) and biodefense technologies (Countermeasure for CNB WMD’s).  Dr. Resnick has authored and co-authored numerous White Papers and collaborates as part of the ROC-team (Resnick-O’Neill-Cramer) commissioned to develop next- generation camouflage (smart textile systems integration) for the Kingdom of Jordan and UK/MOD.  ROC-Team developed visual mitigation technologies and programs for US Department of Energy, the US Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Land Management (Visual Mitigation ‘Handbook’).  Dr. Resnick leads RMANNCO’s R&D Team efforts with the US Army PEO Soldier Group for several projects.  Dr. Resnick possesses extensive lateral skill sets in biology, anatomy and physiology, medicine, electrical and mechanical engineering, robotics, earth and space systems architecture – component design, defense security programs, low observable technologies, global and space communication systems architectures engineering and Military/Homeland strategic defense theaters. Dr.Resnick holds five degrees of  education in various scientific disciplines and has worked with NASA and other agencies in multiple capacities for both government and private industry for the past thirty years. Dr. Resnick is a Life Member of the National Defense Industrial Association, (NDIA.Org) Arlington, VA and serves as a Consultant and Member of the Steering Committee for the US Air Force Society for Developmental Engineers (SAFDE) Edwards AFB, CA.  Dr. Resnick is a Member of the Aerospace Medical Society and a Founding Member of the Aerospace Medical Association’s Human-Factors Engineering Branch.  Dr. Resnick is a Founding Member of the Western Pennsylvania High Technology Council and two-time Awardee/Fellow of the Ben Franklin Partnership Foundation.  Dr. Resnick is the Founding Director of the National Anti-Terrorism Technology Development and Training Center, Chantilly, VA; Founder of the National Eco-Counter Terrorism Institute, Alexandria, VA; Founder and Executive Director of VansForVets.Org, Pittsburgh, PA.  He is the Founder of the Consortium of Southern States Biofuels Producers and Growers (see: http://consortiumofsouthernstates.weebly.com/ ).  Dr. Resnick is an avid environmentalist and a Nominee for the Tyler Environmental Prize (2014-2016). He has various other interests including Luthiery and philanthropy through affiliation with the Syria Shrine of the Blue Lodge of Western Pennsylvania and the Grand Lodge of The Western Valley Pennsylvania.  Dr. Resnick is a member of the Caldwell County and Watauga County Beekeepers Associations, and the North Carolina Beekeeper’s Association.  Dr. Resnick also serves as an Incident Command Leader for the Citizens Emergency Management Response Team (“CERT”) of Caldwell County North Carolina.  

Doctor Joseph Resnick Biography: Two

Dr. Joseph A.  Resnick
Director of Science and Innovation

                          Executive Summary 

Dr. Joseph A. Resnick possesses superior technical skills across a broad range of scientific disciplines with extensive experience as R&D and Production Project Manager, Liaison Officer/POC for DoD/ITAR programs and initiatives.  Experienced in project management responsibilities in electronic and environmental programs from concept-stage, team-building, Regulatory Affairs Compliance Administration for DoD ITAR DoE TACOM, national and international projects. Experience in preparing RFQ‘s, RFP‘s, PCAR‘s, RAP‘s and White Papers.  An accomplished  Applied Scientist, Author, Electro-Mechanical Engineer, Lecturer, holding 26 Patents (12 Classified) with extensive lateral skill sets in medicine, electrical and mechanical engineering, earth and space systems architecture component design, defense security programs, global communication systems architectures engineering and Military/Homeland strategic defense. A recognized expert in strategic defense program design, functioning in various public and private consultancies to both the US Government and Department of Defense. Director of non-classified strategic national and international defense initiatives for next-generation and future (Space and Soldier Systems) technology research & development programs; recognized international authority who is proficient in the areas of secure theater-wide communications operations, clandestine procedures, encryption methodologies and the design of secure communications networks within a defense environment. He is a  noted authority in the areas of COMSEC, INFOSEC, HAARP and SIGSEC.  Corporate Operational Policy and Protocol Director, Team-building/employee acquisition duties, facilities establishment/acquisition, staffing, development of work/teams strategies, contingency planning at Corporate, US-based and International facilities.   Developed Security Protection Protocols for multi-national corporate facilities for planning and implementation of emergency management, crisis management for corporate security contingency planning and corporate “first-responder” protocols.  Direct fiscal responsibility for projects in the 5-100 Million Dollar range. Division Head at Executive level working exclusively for Administrators and/or Board of Directors on “Special Projects” for expansion projects consistent with Corporate Business Plan.  In-House Compliance Manager for DoD Projects Administration.  Superior Organizational-Motivational Skills, Organizational Management, Public Speaking, presentation, inter-personal, problem solving and Disputes Resolution experience with union/non-union personnel and vendors.  Superior computer skills with various systems and programs to Black Belt Six Sigma.  Additional responsibilities included Regulatory Affairs Compliance Administration: 40 CFR Sub Parts H&J; FDA 510 K, PMA, ANDA, IND, SNDA, NDA, cGMP,ISO9001, EN46001, various ISO-levels.  Documentation/Coordination for research programs for DoD contractors for IRB and IDE Biological initiatives; Liaison with Universities, Hospitals and Corporate Clients.  Coordinator of compliance and programs administration liaison with DoD/FDA/EPA/DOE/CERCLA/RCRA for ECM/ECM and biological countermeasures initiatives in USA, Europe, South America, S.E. Asia.  Program Designer for Corporate and Contract (Military) Security Administration/Protocols with Government liaison responsibilities leading to establishment of national and international Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence Programs for counter-measures and counter-counter-measure initiatives.  Re-design of the Municipal Water System for the Santa Marta/Cartagena Regions for the Columbian National Ministry of Environment and Resources.  Re-design of the Nuba Reservoir in North Central Africa with characterization of three different ecosystems.

1996-2000   Doctor of Philosophy, Environmental Studies (Bioremediation/Biodefense), The Union Institute and University
1991-1993   Master of Public Health, Earth And Space Health Systems Management, Vermont College (NASA Scholar)
1983-1984   University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (Resigned)
1979-1983   Bachelor of Arts, Social Sciences, University of Pittsburgh
1977-1978   Pennsylvania State University (Westinghouse Adjunct Student/Aeronautical Engineering)
1974-1976   A.S. E.E., Westinghouse Technical School
1975-1975   Certificate Program Robotics Technologies
1972-1974   A.S. M.E., Westinghouse Technical School

2015-2018   Director of Science and Innovation, Global Products Development Division, RMANNCO, Inc.
2015-2018   Chairman, Nano Technology Transfer Center, Melstevia, Inc., Guizhou, China
2013-2015   Principal Research Fellow, Institute of Marine Biotechnology, University Malaysia Terengganu
2012-2013   Chief Ambassador to Asia, International Space Agency (RET)
2012-2013   Vice Admiral, International Space Agency (RET)
2010-2013   President Director of Science and Technology, RMANNCO, Inc.
2010-2011   Director of Science, Kontak Corporation
2010-2011   Professor of Physics and Astrophysics, International Metaphysical University, Professor Emeritus Distinction at Retirement of International Metaphysical University’s Charter
2008-2011   Executive Director, VanForVets.Org (Volunteer Position)
2001-2010   Director of Science and Sr. Exec.Vice President, NxGenUSA/NxGenCanada
2005-2007   Adjunct Professor, University of Phoenix
2004-2006   Adjunct Professor; Program Developer/Faculty (Online Blackboard Designer-Creator), Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ
1991-2001   Director of Science and Technology, Petrol-Rem, Inc.
1986-1991   Director of Science and Technology for Compliance, USTECC Corporation,  University of Pittsburgh
1979-1983   Assistant Chief Engineer, Physical Plant, The Soffer Group, Inc.
1971-1979   Maintenance Supervisor/Superintendent, L-24 Divisions, 3rd Shift Operations, Westinghouse Electric Corporation

PATENTS AND PUBLICATIONS (public domain only)
U.S. PATENT#                  ISSUED                          TITLE
US06272781                    08/14/2001                   Close-Contact Counter-Measure Garment/Method
US05523757                    06/041996                     Signal dampening camouflage system and manufacturing method
US5807724                       06/15/96                       Degradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons with Organisms Encapsulated in Wax
US05163504                     11/17/1992                   Container heating or cooling device and building material
US05052146                     10/01/1991                    Fishing equipment
US05015179                      05/14/1991                   Speech monitor
US04706292                      11/10/1987                   Speech prosthesis
US04571739                      02/18/1986                   Intra oral Electrolarynx
US04424911                       01/10/1984                  Container Tamper Detection Device

US06272781  08/14/2001 Close-Contact Counter-Measure Garment/Method
US05807724  09/15/1998 Degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons with organisms encapsulated in wax
US05523757  06/041996 Signal dampening camouflage system and manufacturing method (Stealth/Aircraft Coatings)
US05163504   11/17/1992 Container heating or cooling device and building material
US05052146   10/01/1991 Fishing equipment
US05015179    05/14/1991 Speech monitor
US04706292    11/10/1987 Speech prosthesis
US04571739    02/18/1986 Interoral Electrolarynx
US04424911    01/10/1984 Container Tamper-Detection Device/Method
Canadian022124  07/09/1987  Interoral Speech Prosthesis (Computerized-interface)
Swe037718 08/04/1987 Interoral Speech Prosthesis (Computerized-interface)
WPO07911  02/18/1986 Interoral Electrolarynx (Palatal Element with Power Supply)
Classified (In-the-ear Talk-through Hearing Protection Device)
Classified (Intra-Oral Telemetry Control Device)
Classified (Voice/Non-voiced Systems Command Device)
Classified (Palatal-element switch)
Classified (Ocular Sighting Means/Method)
Registered Copyrights: http://cocatalog.loc.gov/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?Search_Arg=Resnick%2C+Joseph+A&Search_Code=NALL&PID=0_Lu1uSbj_fOryK-5Ibx3LUm0&SEQ=20150311113505&CNT=25&HIST=1
NASA Tech Briefs, Cover Story, September 1994 (“Mission Accomplished”).  Contact  Ms. Linda Bell, Editor-In-Chief, NASA Tech Briefs Magazine, NY,  NY, Email to: Linda.Bell@abptuf.org for information.
Exhibitor of 7 Inventions in Galaxy Arcade, NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida, 1986-1996.
International Space Development Convention, May 16, 2007; “Exopolitical Implications, Commerce, Mining Operations and Creation of Preserves on the Moon and Mars in the 21st Century Shifting the Earth from Hydrocarbon-Dependency to Cold Fusion Efficiency”, Resnick, Joseph , Ph.D., et al (48pps. Ppt presentation)


SN 62/183,766  06/24/2015, Robust Delivery System for Molecular Scent Rejuvenation in Pet and Human Bedding Architectures and Environments
SN 62/185,011  06/26/2015, Assisted Waterman Trap and Use Method Thereof
SN 62/184,989  06/26/2015, Formula for Bee Food Adjuvant and Method for Designer Honey Medicament and Pesticide
SN 08021199  00000 1999 Entomological Treatment and Method (Bee Medica for treatment of  varroa and tracheal mites in feral Bee populations and Hive Necrosis Syndrome S.N.099889 00000 1999-09
Photographic Counter-measure Device and Method (Paparazzi Stopper) S.N.4402-1 00000 1999
Controlled-Burn, Self-Extinguishing Igniter S.N.655545 00000 1998
Anti-Bacterial Packaging with Contamination Indicator (color-change) S.N. 83322 00000 1999
Remote-Sensing Counter-Measure Garment and Method of Counter-Counter Measure from Chem -Bio-Nuclear Attack (USPO 902 Section Pending Classification) S.N.129909 0000 1997
Self-Sterilizing counter-top S.N. 55545 0000 1997
Hand-Held Portable  Food Sterilizer  S.N. 42233 0000  2001
Delivery System/Method for Counter-Measure of CNBC WMD’s S.N. 42234 0000 2001
Method/Apparatus for Biological Decontamination of Containers, Foodstuffs, Clothing and US Mails (Unsolicited Proposal Pending to US Postal Service) S.N. 42235 0000 2001
Interactive Defense System/Method for Aircraft, Conveyances and the Home S.N. 42236 0000 2001
Manufacturing  Method/Apparatus for Biological,Chemical and Nuclear Counter-Measures  (902 Section Pending Classification) S.N. 42237 0000 2003
Inter-Oral Telemetry Control and Switching Means /Method/Apparatus for High-Speed Aircraft and Weaponry Systems S.N. 42238 0000 2003
Physiological/Galvanometric  Power Supply, Switching Means, Method and Apparatus  S.N. 03773 0602 2002
Transverse Reflective-Protective Contact Eye Lenses and Coatings for Conventional Face-Mounted Apparatus, Manufacturing Method and Kit S.N. 47882 0212 2000
Mammalian Collision-Avoidance Device for Tricacus manatus (West Indian Manatee) S.N. 6996/0000
Novel Genetic-sequence and Species of (3) Indigenous Seagrasses Common to Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean (Gene-Spl Recomb DNA Method)
See “http://WWW.USPTO.gov” for a complete listing of issued U.S. and Foreign Patents.
See “http://WWW.USPTO.gov/Copyrights” for a complete list of Copyrighted publications.

Other Patents Pending or Filed as Applications:
1. Electronic ID Tag using RFID for Humans, K-9’s Horses
2. Public Identity Portal (Public Telephones with Biometric, Voice Print/Iris-Scan  Identification systems and method of use in public places)
3.  RFID-Read-Write Chip used in Cell-Phones
4. NexTrem Body Armor (for extremities)
5.  Rapid-Deployable Vehicle Up Armor Kits (RABBIT)
6.  Next-Generation Up-Armor Encapsulation Method and Means for Short Cargo Bed Covers for HMMWV’s and LAV’s
7.  Fractal Geometric Pattern Designs for Visual Mitigation of Architectures, Structures and Conveyances
8.  Food Storage Containers with Dental Appliance Contained
9.  Passive I-R Counter-Measure Garment and Method
10.  Portable Ionospheric penetration apparatus and aiming/arming means and method.
11.  Prillings: Multi-matrix Rocket Fuel with Hydrocarbon Component Matrixes
12.  Means, Methods for manufacture of next-generation eco-friendly rocket motor fuels based on liquid theory burn-wave propagation/control and the Coriolis Effect of the Meson Molecule
13.  Means and Method of production of natural beeswax containing steviocide compounds, Raub A-E, using indigenous Apis Maliferas
14.  Means and Method of production of natural honey containing steviocide compounds, Raub A-E, using indigenous Apis Maliferas

Recent Publications as of 7/21/2013
1.0  Photography/Imaging/Microscopy
[1]-. J. RESNICK  and STEWART R. (2010) and (revised) – (2011). Entitled: 
“IMMI – Micro –
Orders of Magnitude Basics In Microscopy”
. PP-1-3, subtitle – (Current
Microscopic and Telescopic Instrumentation Limitations). The abstract to this
paper may be found at- 
DOI: Sciences- 
2.0  Milittology
[2]-RESNICK J. et al, (2013a). Development of “L-TIP “: A New Delivery System Comprising Micro spheres, Nano spheres and/or  Pico spheres Made With Beeswax And Natural Fumigant Compounds For Function as A Low-Toxicity Integrated Pest Management Product”. “Journal of Interdisciplinary Science”, Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology 

3.0  Hybrid Rocket Propellant
[3]-RESNICK  J., et al. (2013b). “Next Generation Micro-Encapsulated Superior Rocket – Fuel”. 

4.0  Astronomy and Astrophysics
[4]-STEWART R., RESNICK J., and SIMMONS J.M., (2013a). “Extreme Close Images of Mars’ Moon Phobos”. Published by -(IJAAR)-International Journal of Astronomy and
Astrophysics Research). Online ISSN # 2328-8841. Special October, 2013 Issue. 


[5]-RESNICK J., SIMMONS J.M., and  STEWART R., (2013b) “Preliminary Guidance On Establishing Why The Apollo 11-17 Landing Sites Need To Be Established As International Parks Upon
The Lunar Surface”. 
Published by-(IJAAR)-International Journal of Astronomy
and Astrophysics Research). Online ISSN # 2328-8841. Special October, 2013


[6]-RESNICK J., SIMMONS J.M., STEWART R., (2013c). “Observations and Theory
Involving The Surface of Europa and Its River of Blood”. 
(IJAAR) International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics Research.
Online ISSN # 2328-8841. Special October, 2013 Issue.


[7]-RESNICK J., et al, (2013). “GJ-667-Cc; Extreme Image Close ups of Habitable Zone
Exoplanet, In The GJ-667 Star System”. 
Published in English, Spanish, and
Portuguese, and made available to English speaking countries, South and Central
America, and Europe. The journal’s name is originally in Portuguese, entitled:
“Pluridade”. More accurately translated in English as: 
“Journal of
Interdisciplinary Science”.


Earth Science
[8]-RESNICK J. et al, (2013). “De-Ionization of the Earth’s Magnetic Field and Coriolis
Affect On The Melting of Earth’s Polar Ice Caps”, 
“Ministry of Science and Technology”

6.0  Oceanography
[9]-RESNICK  J. et al, (2013a). “Micro-Encapsulation; A Preliminary Examination On
Earth’s Oceanic State of Pollution”. 
Published in the: 
“Journal of the Brazilian Oceanographic Society”.
[10] RESNICK et al, (2013b). “The Theoretical Impact In How Micro Encapsulation Could
Affect Earth’s Oceans
“. Published in the 
“Journal of the Brazilian
Oceanographic Society”


Environmental Specialist III, Enforcement Division LUST/CERCLA/RCRA Compliance Officer, Sarasota County Board of County Commissioners, Sarasota, FL, 9/90 through 1/91.
ISO-14001 and ISO 9001 Training.  Six SIGMA   Environmental/Clinical Pathology, Office of the Coroner, Dr. Cyril Wecht, Coroner, County of Allegheny, Pittsburgh, PA, 9/98 through 4/99. Certification in Clinical Pathology.

DOB:03/03/53; Married 38 Yrs.; 2 Children; Musician; Sport Fisherman; Marksman; Water Power\Craft Operator; Hobby: Luthier/Refurbisher of damaged stringed musical instruments for donation to
Masonic Children’s Homes.  U.S. Citizen/Valid U.S. Passport.  Prior DOE Security Clearance (“Q”-Clearance via USDOE/Westinghouse).

National Defense Industrial Organization, Arlington, VA, Life Member
Aerospace Medical Association, Human-Factors Engineering Branch, Founding Member
Western Pennsylvania High Technology Council, Founding  Member
Tyrian Lodge #640, Lower Burrell, PA
Syria Shrine, Blue Lodge of the Western Valley of Pennsylvania, 32nd Degree.
SPIE, Affiliate Member
American Defense Preparedness Association, Life Member
National Anti-Terrorism Technology Development and Training Center.Org, Founder Emeritus
National Eco Counter-Terrorism Institute, Founding Director, Arlington, VA
Fellow, Awardee, NASA Spinoff Hall of Fame
Society of Air Force Developmental Engineers< SAFDE>, Founding Member; Member,
Steering Committee; Organizational Task Force (see: 
http://usafengineers.com/modules.php?name=Bricolage&MODE=SHOW&PAGE=Organization%20Task%20Force )
North Carolina Beekeepers Association
Caldwell County Beekeepers Association

Rhine Research Center, Duke University Durham, NC;
Allegheny Valley Food Bank;
Northern Westmoreland County Vocational-Technical Center, New Kensington, PA;
Lenape Technical School, Ford City, PA;
The  Nuba Water Project, Chief Scientist (
Pro Bono) 2004-2008

Mr. Michael Klabnik, Pittsburgh, PA, Email to: MKLAB205@consolidated.net
. Charles Tiffin, Email to: ChasMDT@aol.com
Dr. Howard Epstein, EMD-Millipore:  Howard.Epstein@emdmillipore.com
. Frank P. DeFina, Exec. VP, SightLogix USA, Email: Bloomfield59@verizon.net
Col. Timothy R. O’Neill, USA (RET), Alexandria, VA, email: TRO28th@aol.com

Ben Franklin Partnership Foundation (1982/1984), Fellowship Award (2 Awards)
Carnegie Hero Award (1983) <DECLINED>
Entrepreneur of the Year (1994) Touce-Ross/VentureMagazine
Fellow, NASA Spinoff Hall of Fame (1994) Inducted 1996
NASA Spinoff “Mission Accomplished Award”, 1997; Inductee, 2006
Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement (Pending, see: 
http://www.prlog.org/11673684-pitt-alum-nominated-for-the-tyler-prize-in-environmental-achievement.html ) for the 2016 cycle.
St. Andrews Prize for the Environment (Short-listed Nominee for the 2014 Cycle)
Honorable Mention (3rd Place, Aerospace and Defense Category): NASA Invent The Future Contest 2013  Cycle (Team Lead) See: http://www.techbriefs.com/component/content/article/17737

Entrant George Barley Water Prize 2016 Cycle: http://www.barleyprize.com/#/user/16084a6a-3b1d-66d4-f1bc-29b77a3a9b49 

NASA HQ R&D Command
US Department of Defense, PEO Ft. Belvoir, VA
US Space Command HQ, Holloman AFB
USAF Logistic Command Center, LAFB, TX
US Army POE; 1st Infantry Division (1ID); 1st Armor Division (1AD); 2nd Calvary Regiment (CR) Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT); 12th Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB); 16th Sustainment Brigade (SB); 172nd Infantry Combat Team (IBCT) and 173rd Airborne Combat Team (ABCT) in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraq Freedom (OIF) and Afghanistan missions.
HRM King Abdullah II, The Royal Kingdom of Jordan
Canadian Ministry of Defense
Clean Control Corporation
CBW International
United Launch Space Alliance, LAV
JTM Foods
MicroTek Inc.
Bigelow Aerospace
Crayola/HallMark Intl.
Kraft Foods (pre-merger)
United Space Alliance
Boeing Aerospace
US Senate Armed Services Committee, Office of Science and Technology
George  Mason University, Department of Biodefense
Republic of Ghana, Environmental Ministry
US Department of Energy, Office of Special Transport
Republic of Columbia, Water Resources Ministry
Colorado Department of Environmental Health
Nobel Laboratories
Master Blenders Div. of Sara Lee Foods
Mondelez/Kraft Foods
EMD-Millipore, Inc.
Verdi Enterprises/NJ
Kellogg’s of Battle Creek
Betty Crocker Foods
Frito-Lay Division of Pepsico

Consumer Products
Sustainable  Technology 

Next-Generation “Eco-Friendly” Rocket Fuel 
NASA Spinoff Magazine January 2014: http://www.techbriefs.com/component/content/article/17737
Dr.  Joe on Gov. Mike Huckbee Show June, 2010

Introduction to the Resnick technology with basic Q. & A.
Executive Director…501C-3 Philanthropy for Disabled Veterans  http://www.vansforvets.org
Three-year Nomination Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement
Nominee, St. Andrews Prize for the Environment, 2015 Cycle
Resnick on Huckabee Show

NASA Invent the Future Contest (2015)

NASA Invent The Future Contest (2014)