CBD Health

CBDs may be this decade’s #1 supplement. Scientists are beginning to prove that CBDs are essential for healthy living, optimal energy, nightly relaxation, and improved general health.


Documented Medical Uses, Associated Research and information relating to CBD:

Medical Qualities of CBD

Neuro-protective – refers to the relative preservation of neuronal structure and/or function

Antispasmodic – substances that are capable of preserving brain function

Anti-Inflammatory– may treat inflammation or swelling

Antitumoral– Stops and freezes the process of metastasis

Anti-anxiety– Calming effects and related relaxation inducing attributes

Anti-Depressant– Euphoric and uplifting properties

CBD’s are consumed in many ways such as
  • Transdermal (Bio-Salve)
  • Topical (Butters-Shea)
  • Sublingual (Tincture)
  • Vaporized (E-Juice)
  • Smoked – Dab (Isolate)

Topical- apply on the direct body part
Transdermal- application on the skin and absorbed which furthermore allows active ingredients to enter the body
Sublingual –“beneath the tongue” – situated or applied under the tongue

CBD may aid people with

Autoimmune Disorder
Alzheimer’s Disease
Bipolar Disorder
Epilepsy and Seizures
Heart disease
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Mood Disorders
Neuropathic Pain
Skin Conditions
Spinal Cord Injury

Why CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBDs) are compounds that are found in hemp and cannabis plants. They are molecular compounds that mimic the effects of naturally occurring endocannabinoids within the human-body. They participate in regulation and balance of sleep, appetite, pain perception, and even the suppression of tumor cells. They may address many different medical issues like brain disorders or injuries, gastrointestinal conditions, musculoskeletal complications, along with the deterrence of inflammation and immunodeficiency.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Endocannabinoids occur naturally throughout the body. Their receptors are found within the brain, organs, connective tissue, glands, and immune cells. They have been shown to regulate the body functions such as sleep, appetite, pain perception, along with inflammatory and immune responses. Endocannabinoids also appear to regulate social behavior; frequently promoting sharing, humor, creativity and open-mindedness.  The ECS helps in aiding homeostasis within the body and encourages the body’s systems to create balance.


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