Dr. Brian P. Gillis

Founder, CEO, Chief Scientific Officer

Next Generation Technology Integration
Molecular Biology and Medical Epistemology Specialist
Axiology of Cannabis Based Therapies

“A pioneer in the spheres of industrial uses for hemp and medical Cannabinoid based products with over 10 years of groundbreaking research and exploration, Brian has developed unique extraction methods and complex products such as oils, tinctures, salves and vaporizer gels. In June, 2014, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity for outstanding service to the community in the field of biotechnology and the healing of many through the use of the products he developed and shared. His research and development (R&D) corporate venture, “Canna-Dynamics” also know as “Canna-Dyne”, is expanding to provide quality cannabinoid based products and medicines…”


  • 2007: Founded Landrace Cannabis Preservation Project
  •  Newark Peace Summit, May 2011: Requested to attend 
  • Assisted Establishing New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program via Department of Health, And Private Consultations
  • Founder of Among The eldest cannabis consulting firms in the USA
  • 01/02/2013 – Is sought out for treatment by Oliver Sacks, White House MD’s, Ivy League (and other)institutes of Higher Education and Various Agencies/Global Interests
  •  05/03/2013: Established Puerto Rico Medical Marijuana Infrastructure
  • 2/14/13: Develops I.V. Cannabinoid solutions, Transdermal and Inhalant Delivery Systems
  • House Bill: 2919, Committee, Oregon, Passed
  • Oregon: “Patients Champion” award on behalf HB: 2919
  • 2014: Helps create drug delivery system tested & implemented by NASA & Department of Defense, US
  • Attends an educational seminar and is recognized by Earth’s Largest Laboratory and Associated Technology Firm
  • Teamed with Victor Rosenberg, M.D. and Thomas Dodd, Renowned pain management and addiction therapy specialist, Mr. Gillis founded the first Cannabinoid Based Pain Management Center(USA);
  •  Founded Canna-Dynamics, currently acting C.E.O. & President.
  • Over ten years experience evaluating Micro-Macro Infrastructure and associated system dynamics and governing mechanisms.
  • Evaluating pro’s and con’s of each state’s medicinal marijuana programs(as implemented by each corresponding with department of health and other officials) for over ten years.
  • Founded America’s First National Hemp Preservation Sanctuary, preserving some of the last the last undeveloped hills in Los Angeles, C.A. 
  • Tours the USA lecture circuit on behalf of advanced cannabis science, advanced scientific data and pharmacological mechanisms of action, types and effects of organic constituents along with general medicinal & industrial application.
  • Learning from the world’s top experts made available to the “mainstream” public at large, Brian spent time at the majority of Ivy League Institutes and various Science Institutes/Agencies during his ten years of travel.
  • At 16, Brian faces and defeats unnamed chess master / renowned pioneer of advanced psychology. This match began a mentor-ship spanning the greater part of two years.

Dr. Brian P. Gillis is called upon to help assist the native tribes of the world:

  • Among the few of his culture and society holding an honorary position amongst nearly all native tribal councils across the USA.
  • Oversaw the gathering of the crystal skulls – (NYC, october, 2014, strange sightings reported over building where council of indigenous people and associated representatives had converged to meet.)

Interests and skills:

My interests and skills include every science, I am passionate about chemistry, marine, earth and space biology some other usual and perhaps not so usual areas of research, skills, and talents. In fact, some are listed below!-Implementation of Industrial Scale Laboratory Technology –

  • Chief Technology Officer: Genius Mods 
  • Architecture of Medical Programs from state to nation
  • Creation of New and Improvement/Innovation Upon Mainstream Laboratories
  • Advanced Methodologies, Standards, Analytical Extraction, and Software Technologies etc.
  • Advanced Energetic, Avionic Technologies & R&D
  • Advanced Electromagnetic, Harmonic Resonant Frequency, Particles/Wave Research
  • Advanced Physics
  • History and Anthropology
  • Nano and Bio-Technology -Botany
  • Cellular Biology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Bio-Chemistry
  • Bio-Technology
  • Advanced Drug Delivery Systems
  • Extraction, classifying and quantifying “exotic”(not from earth) metals and or new elements.
  • Advanced software development (Advanced algorithms and AI conceptual programing and creation etc.)
  • Strategic advising
  • Marketing, advertising, branding
  • Psychology
  • Cellular rejuvenation (DNA specific) etc.
  • Creation of superconductive, supercapacitors, superconductors, Graphene Sheets, carbon etc. nanotubes and other exotic type materials created utilizing organic and other biomass
  • Recently started studying genome editing system- crispr/cas9
  • Large scale/industrial 3-d printing
  •  Creation and development on a variety of “smart” and organic hemp based, plastic polymers containing a range of various properties.
  • Super insulated, to superconductive, Peso-Electric, Bio-Sustainable, Biodegradable and other “smart”, environmental responsive/reactive, to nearly indestructible advanced plastics and polymers.
  • Intimate understanding of biological life
  • Honorary Doctorate of Divinity on behalf of Work in Molecular Biology, Organic Chemistry, Medical fields etc.
  • Writing very er.. “Unique” CV’s! =) – Dr. Brian P. Gillis –

– Senior Executive Vice President for Cannabis Plant Biotechnology; Rmannco

“Dr. Brian P. Gillis functions as Executive Vice President for Cannabis Plant Technology.  Dr. Gillis is responsible for development of the infrastructure that constitutes the clinical framework of what we know today as ‘Medical Cannabis (“Marijuana”) Treatment Programs’. Dr. Gillis’ background includes the study of  pharmaco-science, chemistry, biology, neurology, psychology, genealogy, botany, ecology, agriculture, aquaculture and epistemology.  Dr. Gillis is considered to be one of the world’s leading experts in the field of cannabis extraction methodologies and formulation.  His expertise includes researching, charting, extracting, isolating, classifying, quantifying and clarifying the medicinal benefits and properties of various plant based compounds and derivatives known as “cannabanoids”.  Dr. Gillis’ research focuses on undiscovered plant based compounds that can be used as natural medicines or adjuvants. Dr. Gillis also functions as CEO of Canna Dynamics, LLC,  independent of his responsibilities in RMANNCO.  Canna Dynamics, LLC is a company Dr. Gillis founded and under which he conducts research and development in the area of phyto-science and development of plant-based medicines.   Dr. Gillis is the creator of the first cannabis-medical evaluation software which he developed and fielded in 2012 through a global network of medical practitioners and health research professionals.  Through those efforts Dr. Gillis created the framework enabling establishment of a network of qualified MD’s to conduct research and study the properties of “Cannabidiol-acid” alongside eight currently-known configurations of the “Cannabidiol” molecule and several other unlisted cannabinoids found in non cannabis/marijuana species.  Dr. Gillis holds the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Philosophy of Divinity and publishes under the pseudonym, “Gene Hall”.  The “Gene Hall” series of papers are considered essential tools for many scientists, physicians, specialists and other health professionals seeking education concerning Cannabis Sativa and “medical marijuana”.  Dr. Gillis collaborates directly with Dr. Resnick in developing next-generation delivery systems and formulations leading to creation of multiple new products for both RMANNCO Inc. and Canna Dynamics, LLC.” –
citation: RMANNCO Source: http://www.RMANNCO.com