This product is the result of cooperation between compassionate and dedicated individuals in the medical and preventive health care fields. We are proud to offer products on the cutting edge of organic medical technologies for those who seek the highest quality and most exotic cannabinoids and related legal compounds available to the public and private sectors today!

CEO Brian Gillis

CannaDynamics’ CBD is sourced from non-GMO (non-genetically modified) organic hemp biomass and has tested at 99% pure.

CannaDynamics provides multiple double blind Certificates of Analysis (COA). All of our CBD is tested by third party laboratories and is consistently the safest and purest pharmaceutical grade CBD available in the public and private sector today. Our COAs provide a full spectrum Cannabinoid Analysis with accurate advanced scientific data that allows for easy to read results; available to be viewed online. (1); (2); (3)

We are honored to have the highest quality CBD and guarantee our CBD to be 98-99% pure.

CannaDynamics CBD products contain NO contaminants such as: heavy metals, pesticides, mold, mildew, artificial ingredients, dyes and is free from alteration.